We’re In Print!

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Peas Design

Check out the current issues of NS and Luxe magazines – we’re in there! Laura Hine, editor-in-chief at NS, spotlighted one of our master bedroom projects (click on the photo above to see the write-up)  where we turned a cozy corner into a quiet  escape with a curvaceous chaise lounge, crystal-topped table and a meditative piece of art. It’s ideal for enjoying a hygge moment, which I talked about in the Luxe article below!


Article Courtesy of Luxe Magazine

Paulette Pearson, Homes Editor at Luxe, invited me to discuss the cozy Danish concept of hygge, above and at LuxeMagazine. (Page 128.) If you want to learn even more about hygge, check out our November 2017 newsletter, HappinessViaHygge.

Thanks to both editors and publications! It’s always an honor to be included.

Susan Brunstrum