Susan’s Video Tip #6 – Drywall to Dream House

Come join me for a virtual tour of a stunning, three-story home in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood that we designed for a single guy client. It is very masculine, contemporary yet warm, and fits his lifestyle perfectly. 

Susan’s Video Tip #5 – Blueprint for Success

Beautiful homes start with a good plan and a great team. In this video tip I team up with one of my most trusted contractors, Garry Hattam of Carpentry Services of Illinois, to explain why working hand-in-glove with a contractor yields the best results.

Susan’s Video Tip #4 – Collaborating with a Designer to Love Your Home

Ready to fall in love with your home? In this segment I talk about avoiding costly design mistakes and I stop by the Mart to check out samples at the Edelman Leather showroom, managed by Jane Evans, and to visit Jerome Fitzgerald, showroom manager at Kravet.

Susan’s Video Tip #3 – Creating Positive Energy

Time to get charged up! In this segment of Video Tips, I chat with my good friend and leading intuitive Jillian Maas Backman, who says the energy in your home doesn’t come solely from electrical currents.

Susan’s Video Tip #2 – My Home

In this second segment of video tips I will take you inside my Chicago condo to reveal what my home says about me.

Our New Website Debuts!

I am so excited to announce the launch of our new website at!