Prehistoric Passion

I confess, I have a passion for petrified wood furnishings, and I’m not alone.


I’m back with another installment of Irresistibles – our newest blog feature spotlighting must-have furnishings that my team and I discover during our search for treasures.

Crystal Clear Shelving

Crystal-clear glass shelves with metal framework are surging in popularity again for many reasons. I call them “shelving with a view!”

“Irresistibles” Debuts

That’s irresistible! At Sweet Peas Design I hear that expression – or similar words – almost every day as we comb through new and tempting furnishings for our clients. So I decided to share some of our cravable finds through this occasional new feature located in the Eyes on Design category. I hope you enjoy […]


Back up a second and think about your chairs. The rear view is as important as the front.

Turn Up the Volume!

Soaring ceilings are a beautiful challenge for designers – we love their lofty grandeur, but they do require special handling!

Trad-sitional Transformation

I think I just coined a new term – trad-sitional! It’s a blend of traditional and transitional furnishings that gives a formal home a more relaxed, welcoming look.

Design Speak 101 – Lesson 3

It’s time for session three of Design Speak 101, an occasional blog-seminar in which I unravel the mysteries of interior design lingo from A to Z.

Porcelain Wood? Faux-tastic!

We wouldn’t put a real wood floor in your bathroom or laundry room, but we are crazy about the newest faux-wood, porcelain tiles.

Before & After – Sweet Master Bedroom Suite

After more than a dozen years of designing interiors, this master bedroom suite in Lake Forest ranks among our most challenging ever. Now we call it “Pitch Perfect.”