Lake Forest Showhouse Master Bedroom

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but I have always felt that the master bedroom is the soul. It is my haven from our chaotic digital world, a private space where I find peace, ignite creativity and check in with my life – past, present and future. With that inspiration, the bed became the centerpiece of the room. We custom designed an upholstered frame with curved wings at the head and foot, and positioned it in the center of the room to facilitate the flow of dreams, ideas and imagination! Many other pieces were custom designed in-studio, too: the acrylic table and pair of gray suede chairs with pearl trim, the painterly, wool and silk rug and the rolling night stands. I also commissioned three Chicago artists to create original artwork for this space. Now I could spend many hours in this room recharging, meditating, reading or even – yes –  sleeping! Nighty-night.

Photography © Werner Straube