Oh Man!

All Photos Courtesy of Julie Anderson Media Company, Chicago

If you missed my talk at the Oh Man! cocktail event with Conlon Real Estate,  no problem! You can catch up with this short video OhMan!  showcasing some of the evening’s most memorable moments – a bit like football highlights.

Talking to this dynamic group of men about making their homes more livable and thus date-ready for that “certain someone” in their lives was fun!  I got the biggest laugh of the night when I suggested it was time to stop sleeping on a mattress on the floor – I have a feeling that hit home with some of the guys!

Single men really appreciate the way we design their homes as we know that the  first impression is a lasting one and speaks volumes about who you are.  What does your home say about you?  Many thanks to Stephanie Poulakidas and the Conlon Real Estate team for inviting me to join their party!

Susan Brunstrum