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Susan's Little Black Book of Design

How Do You Feel in Your Home?

Your home should make you feel relaxed, elegant, comfortable and a bit refined, but does it? I advise you to step back and see your home with fresh eyes. Maybe it’s time for a change…

What My Home Says About Me

I will take you inside my Chicago condo to share my thoughts on my home. Did you know I love circles? And art?

Creating Positive Energy

Time to get charged up! I chat with my good friend and leading intuitive Jillian Maas Backman, who says the energy in your home doesn’t come only from electrical currents. Learn how to can bring positive energy into your nest.

Collaborating with a Designer

Why a designer is crucial when making interior changes to your home. I discuss avoiding costly design mistakes and stop by the Merchandise Mart to visit Jane Evans, showroom manager at Edelman Leather and Jerome Fitzgerald, showroom manager at Kravet.

Blueprint for Success

Beautiful homes start with a good plan and a great team. One of my most trusted contractors, Garry Hattam of Carpentry Services of Illinois and I explain why working hand-in-glove yields the best results.