Gray Matters

Photo Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Unless you’ve been circling Earth on the Space Station for the past few years you know that gray has been THE IT COLOR or THE neutral in fashion and home design. Although we love color, we are incorporating a bit of gray into almost every house we design. Why? Clients are requesting it! Gray is refined and sophisticated, yet quite soothing. It is a mid-range color- obviously not as dark as black and not as light as white. Gray works with any architectural style or décor; it has both a masculine or feminine element and it compliments any color. It is the neutral jumping-off point when we’re pulling together a color palette.

Photo Courtesy of

Yellow is a classic match for gray. In this flowery and feminine bedroom (above) the sunny tone is a bit of a wake-up call amid the more relaxing neutrals.

Photo Courtesy of Traditional Home

Grays can be warm, with a touch of taupe or tan in them, or cool, with a drop of blue or green, as above. But you don’t have to choose one or the other.

Photo Courtesy of Southern Living

In my new condo I selected cool, charcoal grey kitchen cabinets and warm grey paint for the walls and trim throughout the space. Against such a soft backdrop my artwork, furnishings and accessories stand out. I can’t release those photos yet, but here is a beautiful kitchen from Southern Living for inspiration. The crisp white stools and counters  against the gray cabinets remind me of a new white shirt beneath a man’s suit. I guess you could call the colorful accents the necktie in this ensemble!

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Peas Design

Recently we completed a total remake, above, of a master bedroom in Libertyville, using soft gray paint for the walls and much deeper gray for the chaise. The taupe window treatments and gold accent pieces round out a soothing palette conducive to a good night’s sleep. Thinking of updating your color palette? Remember, gray matters!