Susan’s Video Tip #5 – Blueprint for Success

Beautiful homes start with a good plan and a great team. In this video tip I team up with one of my most trusted contractors, Garry Hattam of Carpentry Services of Illinois, to explain why working hand-in-glove with a contractor yields the best results.

Please Vote for Team SPD

We would love to have your vote of confidence! Sweet Peas Design is again competing in the annual ASID Illinois (American Society of Interior Designers) Design Excellence Awards, and this year for the first time the organization has added a People’s Choice Award.

September 2017 | Rebelling Against Open Floor Plans

Feeling the need for a little privacy? You’re not alone! While open floor plans have ruled the roost in home design for many years, homeowners are beginning to feel the strain of too much family togetherness.

Susan’s Video Tip #4 – Collaborating with a Designer to Love Your Home

Ready to fall in love with your home? In this segment I talk about avoiding costly design mistakes and I stop by the Mart to check out samples at the Edelman Leather showroom, managed by Jane Evans, and to visit Jerome Fitzgerald, showroom manager at Kravet.

Susan’s Video Tip #3 – Creating Positive Energy

Time to get charged up! In this segment of Video Tips, I chat with my good friend and leading intuitive Jillian Maas Backman, who says the energy in your home doesn’t come solely from electrical currents.

Susan’s Video Tip #2 – My Home

In this second segment of video tips I will take you inside my Chicago condo to reveal what my home says about me.

Tune in Today! Introducing Susan’s Video Tips

Welcome to the debut of video tips and inspiration from Sweet Peas Design, hosted by yours truly! 

July 2017 | Safety, Exclusivity, and Contentment

The heart and soul of design is to make our home a safe haven where we can be surrounded by our family and friends and the furnishings that we gathered and edited to help make us feel comfortable and special. Our goal is contentment!

June 2017 | BITS + PIECES

More and more I am discovering that I often see the world in bits and pieces rather than as a whole. My eye is attracted to the wrought-iron grillwork above a doorway, an architectural accent on a building, or the pattern of the support grid on a bridge

May 2017 | Change is Beautiful

Ben Franklin’s wise words are really connecting with me as big changes continue to happen at Sweet Peas Design! At the end of this month, after 14 years in Libertyville, we will have centralized and consolidated all of our operations in the new studio in Old Town.