Boomer Lifestyle Biz With Angela Miles

Baby boomers are keeping interior designers busy with lifestyle updates these days! Why?

Prehistoric Passion

I confess, I have a passion for petrified wood furnishings, and I’m not alone.


I’m back with another installment of Irresistibles – our newest blog feature spotlighting must-have furnishings that my team and I discover during our search for treasures.

Winging It

Upholstered, wingback beds are perfect for soaring off into dream land.

Crystal Clear Shelving

Crystal-clear glass shelves with metal framework are surging in popularity again for many reasons. I call them “shelving with a view!”

Unveiling Nude Artwork

There is something very beautiful, organic and truthful about nude artwork, but it’s important to establish the right tone.

“Irresistibles” Debuts

That’s irresistible! At Sweet Peas Design I hear that expression – or similar words – almost every day as we comb through new and tempting furnishings for our clients. So I decided to share some of our cravable finds through this occasional new feature located in the Eyes on Design category. I hope you enjoy […]


Back up a second and think about your chairs. The rear view is as important as the front.

Turn Up the Volume!

Soaring ceilings are a beautiful challenge for designers – we love their lofty grandeur, but they do require special handling!

Back to the Nest

No one knows for sure who invented the first nesting tables, but I’d like to thank whoever it was! These mobile and versatile tables are endlessly functional, they come in varying numbers, sizes and all types of materials.