Back up a second and think about your chairs. The rear view is as important as the front.

Turn Up the Volume!

Soaring ceilings are a beautiful challenge for designers – we love their lofty grandeur, but they do require special handling!

Back to the Nest

No one knows for sure who invented the first nesting tables, but I’d like to thank whoever it was! These mobile and versatile tables are endlessly functional, they come in varying numbers, sizes and all types of materials.

Ready, Set, Go Summer!

Longer days and warmer temperatures are calling my name. It’s time to prep the patio and porch for summer living in the great outdoors!

The New Luxury – What’s That?

What defines luxury? Well, it isn’t always about how much money we spend, it goes much deeper than that.

Woodsy & Wonderful

Burlwood is kind of gnarly on the outside, but on the inside it is so beautiful! These rare growths are coveted by furniture makers, artists and interior designers because inside, they have unusual swirling patterns and distinctive textures.

Our Pet Peeves

If you’re a foodie you shudder when a chef uses artifical vanilla. If you’re a fashion designer you cringe when someone wears an outfit that’s all wrong for them. Interior designers have pet peeves too!

From left to right, Laura Barnett, Jessica Lagrange, Joan Craig, Susan Brunstrum and Kathleen Mitchell. | Photo Courtesy of Sweet Peas Design

Designing Women

Put four interior designers in a room with 50 women (and a few men) and what do you get? A lively evening filled with advice, candor, behind-the-scenes tidbits and lots of laughter!

Pitch Perfect interior design by Sweet Peas Design

Trad-sitional Transformation

I think I just coined a new term – trad-sitional! It’s a blend of traditional and transitional furnishings that gives a formal home a more relaxed, welcoming look.

Photo Courtesy of

Design Speak 101 – Lesson 3

It’s time for session three of Design Speak 101, an occasional blog-seminar in which I unravel the mysteries of interior design lingo from A to Z.