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Lake County Magazine - August 2012

Daily Herald Talks About Taking Root

My new but mature garden was just featured in the Daily Herald-Home and Garden section last Sunday, July 22, 2012. A big thanks to Suzanne Deichl and Raul Valdivia for their collaboration in creating a gorgeous garden!

Plants Thrive in Differing Growing Season

Daily Herald and

The New Negative Space

Look beyond your walls, floor and ceiling and consider the "air" or negative space in a room. Try hanging or as I like to say “floating” artwork or open shelves from the ceiling in front of a window in a living room or dining room.

Color Combinations

As long as we are talking color, lets look at a few of my favorite color combinations...

Color Forecast

Is it me? I read over 30 design or shelter magazines and blogs a month and I am EITHER seeing lots of white and neutral spaces or spaces drenched in saturated colors. Not a lot of in between.

X’s and O’s

Otherwise known as "Hugs and Kisses"...Who can deny a hug or a kiss, an X or an O? O’s are the circle of life and represent continuity. X’s get right to point

What’s in a Name?

I've always been fascinated by the names given to fabrics, furniture pieces, rugs, cars, pets and of course, babies! Whose job is it to name a fabric, a bowl, or wallpaper?!

Today’s Chicago Woman

Check us out... we were once again featured in Today's Chicago Woman! We discussed tips for designing a professional office that is as stylish, individual, creative and as wonderful as you are.

La Tea Da

In support of my friends Victor Manuell and Couture 360 Salon, I attended a fashion show a few weekends ago...mid day on Sunday with high tea being served. How fun!

OOOOLALA Fireworks!

I adore fireworks especially the ones that are different and unusual. My favorites include colors such purple, orange, green (gee, do the colors sound familiar?) and of course the ones that explode in multiples, one after another and on top of one another with each being a bit unique.

Yikes! Stripes!

They're everywhere – rugs, walls, accessories, furniture. If you want to make a statement, choose a bold stripe! Whether you add two striped pillows, a striped floor covering or paint your walls in a stripe, be prepared for a BIG impact!

AHHH New York!

Four days in Soho at the fabulous, trendy, quirky and elegant Crosby Street Hotel- what fun and very inspirational!

Hints About Prints

Small prints in design schemes are often overlooked as star performers, but many times take the prize for "best supporting role".

The Man Chair

Father's Day takes me back to childhood memories of my dad and "HIS CHAIR"! When I think of him, my visual is always that he is planted in his chair watching sports or the 5:00 news, reading Time or National Geographic, and having a gin & tonic.