Batter Up!

After a slight delay for the World Series – Go, Cubs, Go! – my interview on “Million Dollar Decorating” podcast goes live at 1 AM Sunday, Nov. 20. No, you don’t have to listen at that time! Tune in whenever you like at  Thanks again to interior designer and host James Swan, who invited me on his program. Here’s a sample of our wide-ranging conversation:

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JS: Could you name one thing to make your home more beautiful today?

SB: Fresh flowers- a must-have in my home year around and every day.

JS: “If you could be in the dressing room of a famous designer, who would it be?”

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SB: Coco Chanel. I am a bit obsessed by her…her business acumen paired with her creativity. She’s a gangbuster, go-for-it woman who truly believed in herself and she started with nothing.