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4.9.15Remodeling Breathes New Life Into 1950s Ranch Home

Publications | DAILY HERALD, HOME & GARDEN-SUNDAY, March 29, 2015

Congratulations to senior designer Beth Kweton whose home was featured in the Daily Herald’s Home & Garden section on Sunday, March 29. {...}

2.18.15February 2015 E-Newsletter-"Loving Where You Live"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

While we're in the month of Valentine's Day and thinking about love and commitment I'm facing my third move in just four years - yes, I'm relocating again! - and I've been contemplating what makes us love (or not love) our homes and why that is important. {...}

2.17.15Best Living Space in 2014

Publications | Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago-Winter/Spring 2015

Nothing warms up a cold January day better than an award for "Best Living Space 2014" from Interiors Chicago magazine for our family room in the Gracious House Showhouse last spring. {...}

12.5.14December 2014 E-Newsletter-"I'll (NOT) Be Home for Christmas"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

For the first time since I've owned my own home I am not putting up a Christmas tree and I'm not going all-out to decorate my home. {...}

11.3.14November 2014 E-Newsletter-"High Point Market"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

I didn't know the meaning of the phrase "shop 'til you drop" until I became a designer and started attending High Point Market in North Carolina, where I practically walked holes through my shoes a week ago. {...}

10.27.14Susan's Segues

Blog | October 2014

Susan’s Segues is a "best of" digest of Susan’s blog in one easy-to-read package. {...}

10.23.14Our “Chic” Dining Room Gets Splash(ed)!

Publications | Splash-October 23-29 2014

Writer Ashley Devick at the Sun-Times' Splash magazine highlights another one of our projects online and in print this week. {...}

9.30.14September 2014 E-Newsletter-"Getting Personal"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

Are you in-the-know about the "Brangelina" wedding? I was reading People magazine awhile back as I was getting my hair cut and it started me thinking that couples and families are making everything more personal these days. {...}

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