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8.18.16August 2016 E-Newsletter - "What Defines Luxury"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

Notice anything different? I hope so! We have redesigned our newsletter to give it a fresh, sophisticated look that's also warm and welcoming. {...}

7.7.16July 2016 E-Newsletter - "Downsizing"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

Whether you call it downsizing, right-sizing or "the cozy life," living smaller but living well is a trend that has been gathering momentum during the past decade for a variety of reasons. {...}

6.1.16June 2016 E-Newsletter - "Be Bold"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

Amsterdam is an amazing city to visit, filled with wonderful art, architecture and people. {...}

3.28.16March 2016 E-Newsletter-"Nothing Is Ever Black And White"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

"Nothing is ever black and white, life is all about the gray." My two children can tell you that was one of my quotes or "Susanisms", during their childhood. {...}

3.9.16Inspiring news – Suburban Zen

Publications | Kravet inspired.news-Winter 2016 Volume 8, Issue 01

I guess it pays to be “chill.” The laid-back look of our “Suburban Zen” project on Chicago’s North Shore earned a full-page feature in the winter issue of Inspired. {...}

2.24.16February 2016 E-Newsletter-"Trust Me...It Is ALL In The Details"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

"The details are not the details. They make the design." -Charles Eames, American Designer 1907-1978 These are wise words from a giant in the design field who with his wife, Ray, {...}

1.26.16January 2016 E-Newsletter-"Grace and Gratitude"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

Happy Belated New Year everyone! I hope your holidays were filled with warm memories and family bonding, and perhaps a few moments to contemplate the year ahead. {...}

11.12.15November 2015 E-Newsletter-"High Point Market"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

We have seen the future of design, and it is wonderful! Lauren Benditzky, our junior designer and I, are back from several days at High Point Market in North Carolina, the largest furniture show in the world, {...}

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