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2.9.17February 2017 E-Newsletter-"Urban and Suburban"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

Five years ago my dream of opening a second studio was born with a single word written on a piece of paper - Chicago - and now it is about to come true. {...}

12.1.16December 2016 E-Newsletter - "Beyond Trends"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

Si fractum non sit, noli id reficere." This quote sounds so much more refined in Latin, but the basic message is the same in English - "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Furnishings vendors took that motto to heart at High Point Market in North Carolina, {...}

10.21.16October 2016 E-Newsletter - "Going After Inspiration"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

Inspiration is developed through hours and hours of research and hard work, whether you're a poet, a novelist, an artist or an interior designer. {...}

9.23.16September 2016 E-Newsletter - "Stay Young. Learn!"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possiblities...& discoveries

If learning is the fountain of youth, as Henry Ford says, then I will stand outside in a rain shower - no, make that a thunderstorm - and get drenched! {...}

8.18.16August 2016 E-Newsletter - "What Defines Luxury"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

Notice anything different? I hope so! We have redesigned our newsletter to give it a fresh, sophisticated look that's also warm and welcoming. {...}

7.7.16July 2016 E-Newsletter - "Downsizing"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

Whether you call it downsizing, right-sizing or "the cozy life," living smaller but living well is a trend that has been gathering momentum during the past decade for a variety of reasons. {...}

6.1.16June 2016 E-Newsletter - "Be Bold"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

Amsterdam is an amazing city to visit, filled with wonderful art, architecture and people. {...}

3.28.16March 2016 E-Newsletter-"Nothing Is Ever Black And White"

e-Newsletters | scribbles...possibilities...& discoveries

"Nothing is ever black and white, life is all about the gray." My two children can tell you that was one of my quotes or "Susanisms", during their childhood. {...}

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