Lauren Elizabeth


Lauren Brown

As our Studio Manager, Lauren tracks deliveries, scheduling and installations as well as the status of orders and day-to-day studio operations. She attended Kansas State University and has worked in customer service related jobs for at least 15 years, starting in high school. Her goal is to provide the very best service to our clients.

“This position is taking a lot of the things I’ve learned from all my past experience professionally and molding it into one position that I’m excited about and very interested in,” she said.

Lauren lives in Gurnee with her husband and two children, 5 and 3, and during her free time she enjoys cooking and exercising, specifically weight lifting, yoga and ballet barre work. Lauren said she gets her best ideas while driving and listening to classical music; she can’t live without coffee and if she could invite anyone to dinner, it would be Oprah Winfrey.

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