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5.4.16All That Glitters...

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

All that glitters isn’t gold – sometimes it’s silver, bronze or brass {...}

5.3.16We Won Again!

SPD Update | Susan Brunstrum

We are so honored to receive a Chrysalis Award for the second year in a row! This year we won in the regional Residential Historic Renovation category {...}

4.26.16Tiny Tables

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

I always say that good things come in small packages – a diamond ring, a box of Belgian chocolates or an iPod loaded with your favorite music. Tables are the same way... {...}

4.20.16Hexagon Hype

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

One of nature’s most beautiful shapes is the hexagon, and no, we’re not talking about stop signs! {...}

4.17.16Reminder - Design Seminars at Winnetka Library

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

Thinking of updating your kitchen or family room? Come see me at the Winnetka Library where I will be sharing loads of tips for those rooms during two seminars next week. {...}

4.10.16It's Magical - Floating Shelves

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

Floating shelves – the name alone sounds open and airy, and that’s why we often recommend them. {...}

4.6.16We Recommend Mirrored Furniture!

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

Everyone from the New York Times to Elle Décor, YouTube and a host of interior design bloggers is talking about mirrored furniture these days – and so are we! {...}

4.4.16Susan Presents at Winnetka Library

Our Go Guide | Susan Brunstrum

Susan is taking her show on the road again – this time to the Winnetka Library {...}

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