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6.14.16Boring doors? No more!

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

Updating interior doors can make a huge impact on any home. {...}

6.9.16Podcast Pointers

SPD Update | Susan Brunstrum

A big thanks to LuAnn Nigara at Window Works, the New Jersey-based custom window treatments firm, who invited me to talk about “Practical Advice for Project Management” on the firm’s popular podcast. {...}

6.7.16Visiting Van Gogh

Our Go Guide | Susan Brunstrum

Don McLean’s haunting song about Vincent van Gogh is running through my mind as I write about my visits to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Kroller-Muller Museum in Otterlo, the world’s largest and second largest collections of his work, respectively. {...}

6.1.16June 2016 E-Newsletter - "Be Bold"

SPD Update | Susan Brunstrum

Amsterdam is an amazing city to visit, filled with wonderful art, architecture and people. {...}

5.16.16At Home in Amsterdam

Our Go Guide | Susan Brunstrum

"I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” ~Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” I felt a bit like Dorothy when I flew into Amsterdam last month, on a plane, not a tornado! {...}

5.13.16Amazing Amsterdam

Our Go Guide | Susan Brunstrum

For the first time since I opened Sweet Peas Design 13 years ago I took a two-week vacation - it was an art-centric tour of Amsterdam - and it was incredibly inspiring. {...}

5.9.16Next-Gen Designers at SPD

SPD Update | Susan Brunstrum

We’re always happy to share our passion for furnishings, fabrics and floor plans with the next generation of designers {...}

5.4.16Please Vote Soon!

SPD Update | Susan Brunstrum

We’re on the list! Sweet Peas Design is one of several North Shore interior design studios competing for the title of “Best of 2016,” an annual survey sponsored by Make It Better magazine. {...}

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