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8.30.16Beauty, Innocence, Happiness

Art Works | Susan Brunstrum

Today I am launching the first in a series of blogs focusing on art works and artists I encounter in the Chicago area and during my travels. I am kicking it off with a look at Agnes Martin (1912 – 2004), an abstract expressionist... {...}

8.22.16Design Speak 101

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

The lingo of interior design can be as baffling as a foreign language! {...}

8.18.16August 2016 E-Newsletter - What Defines Luxury?

SPD Update | Susan Brunstrum

Notice anything different? I hope so! We have redesigned our newsletter to give it a fresh, sophisticated look that's also warm and welcoming. {...}

8.7.16Our Favorite Coffee Table Books

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

Coffee table books are more than just a "pretty face" in your living room or family room - they should be meaningful to you interesting enough to pick up and browse through from time to time. {...}

8.4.16Must-do Art Walk

Our Go Guide | Susan Brunstrum

Mark your calendars for the River North Design District’s Fall Gallery Walk on Friday, Sept. 9. {...}


Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

In the wild leopards are endangered or near-threatened in many of their habitats, but in fashion and home décor faux leopard prints are in no danger of extinction! {...}

7.11.16Powered by Pecha Kucha

Our Go Guide | Susan Brunstrum

Want to know how today's interior designers define luxury? Come join me for an engaging panel presentation powered by Pecha Kucha... {...}

7.7.16July 2016 E-Newsletter - "Downsizing"

SPD Update | Susan Brunstrum

Whether you call it downsizing, right-sizing or "the cozy life," living smaller but living well is a trend that has been gathering momentum during the past decade for a variety of reasons. {...}

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