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9.6.16Inside Scoop: Gallery Walk

Our Go Guide | Susan Brunstrum

Check out this month’s issue of Sophisticated Living magazine for some inside scoop on the River North Design District Fall Gallery Walk this Friday, Sept. 9. Editor Elise Hofer Shaw invited me and five other Chicago-area designers to talk about the artists. {...}

9.1.16Look Up!

SPD Update | Susan Brunstrum

Chances are you haven’t thought about ceilings lately - who does? Well, we do! {...}

8.30.16Beauty, Innocence, Happiness

Art Works | Susan Brunstrum

Today I am launching the first in a series of blogs focusing on art works and artists I encounter in the Chicago area and during my travels. I am kicking it off with a look at Agnes Martin (1912 – 2004), an abstract expressionist... {...}

8.22.16Design Speak 101

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

The lingo of interior design can be as baffling as a foreign language! {...}

8.18.16August 2016 E-Newsletter - What Defines Luxury?

SPD Update | Susan Brunstrum

Notice anything different? I hope so! We have redesigned our newsletter to give it a fresh, sophisticated look that's also warm and welcoming. {...}

8.7.16Our Favorite Coffee Table Books

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

Coffee table books are more than just a "pretty face" in your living room or family room - they should be meaningful to you interesting enough to pick up and browse through from time to time. {...}

8.4.16Must-do Art Walk

Our Go Guide | Susan Brunstrum

Mark your calendars for the River North Design District’s Fall Gallery Walk on Friday, Sept. 9. {...}


Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

In the wild leopards are endangered or near-threatened in many of their habitats, but in fashion and home décor faux leopard prints are in no danger of extinction! {...}

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