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12.22.16Our Magical Holiday Places

Our Go Guide | Susan Brunstrum

We all seem to have a special holiday outing that makes the season bright, so I asked the Sweet Peas Design team to share one of their favorite spots for “the most wonderful time of the year.” {...}

12.15.16Before & After - Sweet Master Bedroom Suite

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

After more than a dozen years of designing interiors, this master bedroom suite in Lake Forest ranks among our most challenging ever. Now we call it “Pitch Perfect.” {...}

12.12.16A Few of Our Favorite Holiday Fashions

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

Getting all glammed up for the holidays is definitely at the top of my “favorite things” list! {...}

12.1.16 December 2016 E-Newsletter - "Beyond Trends"

SPD Update | Susan Brunstrum

Si fractum non sit, noli id reficere." This quote sounds so much more refined in Latin, but the basic message is the same in English - "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Furnishings vendors took that motto to heart at High Point Market in North Carolina, {...}

11.30.16Design Speak 101 - Lesson 2

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

Welcome back to session two of Design Speak 101, an occasional blog-seminar in which I unravel the mysteries of interior design lingo from A to Z. Study hard, I’ll be quizzing you later – hahaha! {...}

11.28.16SOFA Art Show is Feast

Art Works | Susan Brunstrum

This year's SOFA art show on Navy Pier was a feast of glass art, textiles and texture. I added many new artists to my little black book.... {...}

11.17.16Batter Up!

SPD Update | Susan Brunstrum

After a slight delay for the World Series – Go Cubs, Go!– my interview on “Million Dollar Decorating” podcast goes live at 1 AM Sunday, Nov. 20. {...}

11.15.16Cashin Fashion

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

Fashion designer Bonnie Cashin, “the mother of American sportswear,” is one of the most influential and least known designers in the industry, but jewelry designer Stephanie Lake of Minnesota is working hard to remedy that oversight. {...}

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