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11.17.16Batter Up!

SPD Update | Susan Brunstrum

After a slight delay for the World Series – Go Cubs, Go!– my interview on “Million Dollar Decorating” podcast goes live at 1 AM Sunday, Nov. 20. {...}

11.15.16Cashin Fashion

Eyes on Design | Susan Brunstrum

Fashion designer Bonnie Cashin, “the mother of American sportswear,” is one of the most influential and least known designers in the industry, but jewelry designer Stephanie Lake of Minnesota is working hard to remedy that oversight. {...}

10.31.16Holy Cholesterol! Steak House Triple Play

Our Go Guide | Susan Brunstrum

I try to be good and eat healthy – most of the time – but once in a while a gal just has to have a nice, thick juicy steak! {...}

10.28.16Podcast Postponed for Cubs!

Media | Susan Brunstrum

In honor of the Cubs’ playing in the World Series I am postponing the broadcast of my interview with interior designer James Swan, host of the popular “Million Dollar Decorating” podcast. {...}

10.27.168 Vibrant Entertaining Areas

Media | Susan Brunstrum

We love color, so we are over the moon – or is that rainbow? – about being part of a new photo feature called 8 Vibrant Entertaining Areas. {...}

10.25.16Podcast Power

Media | Susan Brunstrum

Tune in for my interview on "Million Dollar Decorating" Sunday, Oct. 30... {...}

10.24.16Spotlight On...My Condo

Media | Susan Brunstrum

A big thank you to Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago for the wonderful feature on my Chicago condo in the October issue. {...}

10.21.16October 2016 E-Newsletter - "Going After Inspiration"

SPD Update | Susan Brunstrum

Inspiration is developed through hours and hours of research and hard work, whether you're a poet, a novelist, an artist or an interior designer. {...}

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