1.16.17 Porcelain Wood? Faux-tastic!

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We wouldn’t put a real wood floor in your bathroom or laundry room, or wood walls in your shower, but we wouldn't hesitate to use the newest faux-wood, porcelain tiles. These clever imposters generate the warmth of wood, but they won’t scratch or fade in sunlight, they can tolerate moisture, resist staining and are easy to clean. Most importantly, they are a handsome option for floors and walls. Wood-patterned tiles are just part of a fast-growing faux bois trend that’s taking root in virtually every corner of interior design. I’ve seen wood-grained wallpaper, fabrics and rugs, furniture, planters and desk accessories. Homeowners are embracing the rustic, earthy quality of these counterfeit wood grains because they add warmth, texture and variety to a home.I prefer to use light-colored versions of faux wood tiles, such as the warm gray planks in this mud room above. The grain is beautiful, and snowy boots and muddy soccer shoes can’t hurt this floor.

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Our vendors make these tiles in long planks with wood-like grain and texture - less slippery for wet areas - and if you choose a good-quality brand they will look just like the real thing – I’m not kidding!  We already have used them as flooring in a children’s hall bath and a mudroom, and on the walls of a shower, where we positioned them vertically. 

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I prefer to use this type of tile in thin or wide planks, and I recommend positioning them in a straight, running layout rather than a pattern, because the tiles have plenty of visual interest on their own. In this bathroom the texture and color of the floor tiles are welcome contrast for all of the sleek, white elements. Love that leopard-print chair cushion, too! 

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This kitchen caught my eye because the light-colored tile planks allow the accent wallpaper to make its statement, and the island really pops, too.  Go faux!

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